ISEC at ITH Conference 2019

Next September, Stefano Agnoletto (Fondazione ISEC) will coordinate a panel at the 55th ITH-International Conference of Labour and Social History 2019 “Working on the Land: Actors, Societies and Environments”. The conference aims at strengthening the links between labour history and rural history. It intends to address the topic “working on the land” from two different angles: firstly, agricultural work as co-production of society and nature and, secondly, rural labour relations as elements of larger political and economic systems. Contributions to this conference will explore how these two perspectives complement each other, identify research desiderata and blind spots in the respective other, creatively develop bridges and contribute to the theoretical, methodological and empirical enrichment of the history of agrarian work and labour.

Panel II: Labour Markets

  • Stefano Agnoletto, Fondazione ISEC, Sesto San Giovanni-Milano: Chair and comment
  • Peter Woodley, Australian National University, Canberra: ‘A Decent Sort of a Chap’: Australian Farmers’ Diverse Encounters with Labour, 1880-1930
  • Tina Bopp, University of Basel: On the Coloniality of the Recruitment Infrastructure and (Agricultural) Labour Regimes in Europe
  • Janina Puder, Friedrich Schiller University Jena: *Transnational Rural Labour Relations in the Context of the Emerging Bioeconomy in Malaysia by the Example of Migratory Labour